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  • Can beginners join the Mysore class?
    Joining the Mysore class is the perfect way to begin your journey in Ashtanga Yoga. You'll be receiving individual instruction, so this class is perfectly safe and requires no previous experience. In the beginning your practice will be short, but stimulating to the body and mind. You'll move through a sequence of positions with emphasis on committing these to memory. Gradually you will integrate the postures you have learned, and flow through them confidently as you advance further into the sequence.
  • What should I do in led class if I haven’t learned the full Primary Series yet?
    Led classes do require some experience & aren’t suited to complete beginners to Ashtanga. Students who are learning the Primary Series are welcome to join, and should stop at their last pose when it is reached - if you are told to stop at any point, it is in the interest of your safety and longevity in the practice. It is completely normal for some students not to go through the whole series in led classes.
  • Will I receive hands-on adjustments in the class?
    We teach by a traditional method so we do usually give hands-on adjustments. These come from experienced teachers and are approached with utmost care & safety in mind, and while they are beneficial, we completely understand that some students may prefer not to be adjusted in the shala. You are free to say no to physical adjustments at any time, and this will be respected without you having to explain your reasons.
  • What facilities do you have at the shala?
    Street parking is always available & there is paid secure underground parking in the building. The studio has bathrooms, lockers, showers & changing areas. You can rent a yoga mat if you don’t have one, and bottled water is available for sale at the studio. There are various ATMs right outside.
  • Mysore
    In the Mysore class, students move through a set sequence independently at their own pace — mostly without the need to look or listen for the next instruction, as teachers move around the room assisting students individually, and teaching new postures when the student is ready. Students can arrive at their convenience to practice within the class hours. Practice length varies from 40 minutes up to about two hours, depending on the individual.
  • Led Primary Series
    In a traditional Ashtanga led class, students are counted through the Primary Series in Sanskrit. Students will still be practicing to their level of familiarity and proficiency in the practice, and will finish up as they come to the end of their regular sequence. This class is not suitable for complete beginners.
  • Self Practice
    The space is available to experienced Ashtanga yoga practitioners to move through the Primary Series at their own pace. There is no teaching during this session.
Class Descriptions
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