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Ethan and Charmelle are passionate, knowledgable, and amazing teachers! They took my practice to a whole new level and I learned more from them than I have in a very long time! They picked apart my practice and gave me very helpful tips that I still have in my head and am integrating into my practice. Their kind thoughtful and in depth approach was light, fun and inspiring. They are a perfect compliment to each other and it is such a gift having the eyes and attention of them both. They are wise beyond their years and out of the many top teachers I have practiced with I rate them at the top of the bunch! I am so grateful for my time practicing with Ethan and Charmelle and truly look forward to my next opportunity.

Polly Green | 
New Zealand

First of all, Ethan and Charmelle are such nice people. So friendly, open and full of love. I was so blessed to have practiced under the inspiring guidance of Ethan and Charmelle. Their approaches of teaching Ashtanga Mysore style are very individual and constitution. And, they are such good observers! I got so many good advice from them and it helped me a lot to improve my daily practice as well as to make my practice comfortable in a way. For example, I had back problems for a long time, they guided me with some good advice and I've never had pain any more.With their good energy, it's always fun to practice with them. I think everyone feels very motivated in their class. They are definitely my favorite yogis, favorite teachers, and favorite people in the world. I look forward to practicing with them again!


Yoko Tajima | Japan

Ethan and Charmelle radiate positive, light and enthusiastic energy when they teach with not only in depth knowledge of how the human body works but also a gradual approach to open it up. So I had very good specific feedback from them which made it more clear for me to adjust myself without injury. They create a balanced atmosphere in their shala, as they are as a couple, which makes me feel safe and pleasant to practice around them. That lead my practice to a deeper level since I started to take it less seriously and be more playful.

Jasmin O. Lee | South Korea

I had the great fortune to find myself in Bali at the same time as Ethan & Charmelle were there teaching a Mysore program; It was a great experience. Passion & Attention to detail were the focus of the time. They are truly passionate about the practice and have a genuine desire to teach and pass along what they’ve learned from their teacher. Adjustment after adjustment made progress inevitable. It’s a joy to see the buzz and intensity emanating from someone who loves what they do.

Sean Gray | USA

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